Buying Bitcoin is easy, but security is complex

You can easily buy Bitcoin, but if you don’t have a security management plan in place you are at a high risk of losing your hard-earned investment.

Bitcoin custody solution with CheckSig means not only a transparent process, but also a true multi-sig set up for maximum protection and never having to worry about a hot wallet.

CheckSig makes your Bitcoin custody safe and worry free so you can simply focus on your business. Learn more about our process and why when you choose CheckSig, you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

Open source

We reject the “security-by-obscurity” paradigm in favor of a transparent process.

Cooler than cold

True multi-signature and multi-level setup, operated from different geographic locations

  • Frozen storage safeguarding all client assets, co-signed by a federation of five independent legal entities for maximum protection
  • Cold storage directly managed by CheckSig, used as a temporary staging area during withdrawals. To move Bitcoins from cold storage, two of the three CheckSig signatures are required, and Bitcoins can only be moved after four days since receiving them to allow for additional thorough internal controls.

No hot wallets, ever

CheckSig secures your Bitcoins using multiple keys, which are stored offline. For all our internal operations we adopt customized (locked-down) hardware security modules from state-of-the-art industrial-grade hardware wallet providers.