Custody, brokerage and advisory for Private Investors

Keep your Bitcoins secure in our ultrasafe frozen vault

Your long term storage solution, without PINs, passwords, or hardware wallets to be stolen or lost.

We provide the most secure multi-signature and multi-level custody protocol. It’s so secure that even financial institutions and other crypto businesses entrust us with their Bitcoin.
Today, you can enjoy the same security too.

  • 1:1 assistance whenever you need it
  • No one can move your Bitcoins without your permission: every withdrawal is confirmed with multi-channel communication and video verification
  • Insurance coverage by SATEC Underwriting

You can sleep soundly, knowing your investment is safe.

Buy and sell Bitcoin through our prime brokerage service

You decide your investment goals and strategy, we take care of the execution.

Just send us your order. We will select the most appropriate exchange, execute your order, and safeguard your Bitcoin in our secure custody.

  • Place an order through a simple digital form
  • Send us the funds
  • Get your order confirmation

Our team will be in touch with you through the entire process.

Get specialized advisory

Build generational wealth, while making sure you are fully complying with the law.

Bitcoin is new, and it’s not easy to find professionals that really understand it enough to advise you properly.
Luckily we have this sorted out for you.

  • Let us help you build and maintain your crypto asset dossier
  • Leverage our partners to get tailored crypto tax advisory
  • Get your wealth ready for the next generation, and make sure your successors can access your heritage

All services you need to make sure you are doing the right thing, in one place.